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 Server rule VERRY IMPORTANT Please Read before you download server!!

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PostSubject: Server rule VERRY IMPORTANT Please Read before you download server!!   Thu May 03, 2012 10:41 pm

1.Respect Staff at all times
2 Ask Staff for help If you do not trust someone to do a trade
3. NO Drama in trade chat
4. English in trade chat Only!! if you speak other languages Take it to PM party or Guild chat
5. No hacks Exploits ect. If caught 1st offence= Jailed 2nd IP ban 24 3rd offence Ban Permently
6. No hiding in relics
7. PvP Fairly
8.No Camping at portals
9. No Stat Padding
10. NO HARASSMENT or stalking other players
11. Inapropraite language in trade will not be tolerated
12. Do not ask GMs/GSs for items or plvl.
13. You may have accounts on both fractions but you are NOT allowed to trade information on the opposite fraction to one fraction.
14. Staff is NOT allowed to be disrespectful or threaten other players or staff members
15. Soloing of a Kano's Boss is NOT permitted. Where as everyone needs to work together and get gears.
16. AFK in a PVP area does NOT make you immune to not being killed. Your still fair Game.
17. Absoultely NO greed. Which means NO over priced items in markets or Auction House Board. 18. Do NOT be selfish if someone needs help step up and help or if u have items you dont need help out new players
18. Absolutely NO spamming in Trade Chat.
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Server rule VERRY IMPORTANT Please Read before you download server!!
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